The Basics:-

There is no exact measure or definition of stress but it is generally defined as the physical and normal response of the body to things that make them feel worried and bothered. Stress affects individuals differently same as individuals view stress in different ways. It is true that stress is already part of life and it can strike at any point in one’s life.

Individuals aspiring for the big change in their life must be familiar with the stress resolution basics. The first step to take is planning and taking down notes on paper. Many individuals remain stressed because they failed to make a list and try to things at the same time.

Create resolutions and write these down and determine the best ways to fulfill all your goals. You are also tasked to make periodic assessments to determine where your resolutions are taking you. If you are living a stressful life, the first resolution should be identifying where majorities of stress are coming from and the rest will follow.

Understand What Stresses You

Stress may affect individuals in many ways and these may pose an effect on their personal and professional life. Regardless of the things or event that stresses you, it is more important to have the willingness and determination to overcome them. It is essential to understand what stresses you because it is only then that you will be able to move forward and avoid these stressful things or events completely. The following might be one of the causes of stress affecting many individuals these days:


Heavy workloads are just one of the many things that cause individuals’ stress. Work stress and pressures are common these days and experienced by many employees and working professionals. Doing tons of work for a longer period of time, meeting deadlines and many other work-related issues can trigger stress.

Work can cause stress if you are already unhappy with it or you give heavy workloads and too much responsibility. Other factors that can cause stress in work are poor management, unclear work expectations, lack of rights and involvement in making decisions, and more. Working under pressure and complicated conditions and experiencing discrimination also trigger stress.

Money Matters

Financial issues are what stresses many people and these are one of the many factors that can really cause headaches if not properly addressed. In some instances, individuals are left in stressful and hopeless situations because they are left with no means during the time that they are desperately in need of money. In other cases, a limited budget is also what causes stress. There might be sources of income but the amount of money earned may not be enough to cover the growing needs.

Family Problems

Problems and conflicts within the family are also what cause stress. Living under one roof where harmony and strong family ties no longer prevail can really be stressful and devastating. Having arguments with your parents and siblings does not just stress you out but also affects you emotionally. Family problems can also interfere with your normal and usual function at home or in the workplace.

Get The Acceptance Mindset

There are inevitable instances that individuals are frustrated and stressed out. Stress is a natural response and having such a feeling is normal. Experts revealed that stress is of two kinds, good stress, and bad stress.

The former is said to be the type that is motivating and beneficial while the latter is causing health problems and anxiety. Little doses of stress are good for it motivates individuals to be better, energizes them, and inspires them to be more productive and efficient.

However, there starts to be a problem when stress is recurring and is staying in one’s life for a longer period of time.

The Right Mindset

The key to over-coming the worst scenarios caused by stress is to get the acceptance mindset. When you are up to something, you have to accept that there are really things that are not meant for you. The more you insist, the more things get complicated. What matters is you do your best and achieve results. Simple as they may be, they are considered to be the fruits of your hard work and perseverance.

Do not be stressed out when you failed to achieve the peak for you are always given all the chances to grow and be better as a person. The acceptance mindset can make you feel at ease and relieved. You do not have to occupy yourself asking why things did not happen the way you want them to be because this can really be stressful on your part.

However, there are some individuals who will be sabotaging your effort by means of bringing distorted thoughts so you have to be very careful. To completely eliminate stress from your system stop resisting and believe in the power of an acceptance mindset. You might observe others stuck in the most stressful scenarios of their life without even thinking that these may also happen to you. But in case, you have been victimized by stress, you have to accept this and convince yourself that unpredictable things happen and these are all part of life’s beauty and complexities.

Use Reminders

When individuals are stressed and confused, the tendency is for them to lose focus on things and events that they are attending to. There are actually many ways on how to rectify this issue and using reminders is one of them. There are instances that individuals tend to look for great solutions without knowing that by just simply using reminders, they are getting closer to a happy and stress-free way of living. The following are simple yet powerful reminders that individuals should think about especially if life is throwing little doses of difficulty and stress:

Happiness is not constant-You have to remind yourself that you will certainly have to overcome bad and stressful days because not every day is a happy day. You are not guaranteed lifetime happiness because this is believed to be the only series of great moments that add sweetness and beauty to life. However, it is your choice if you wanted to stay happy or stressed. You still have to keep in mind that there are still inevitable instances in life that can happen beyond your control and these can interfere with your happiness.

Failures are considered temporary scenarios-Failure to achieve or accomplish something is not a reason to be stressed out and devastated. You have to be reminded that failures are only temporary and these are meant to teach you with necessary lessons in life. Remember that the best lessons in life are learned from the worst mistakes and from the darkest hours of life. It is true that individuals fail at times but the quicker you accept your failure, the better person you become. Individuals are never a hundred percent sure about the things waiting in line and this makes committing failures and mistakes naturally occurring things.

The level of stress is not a real and exact measure-Being afraid does not always mean that you are in danger and being alone does not also mean that nobody cares and loves you. Always look beyond all your doubts and search for the truth. The best way to overcome stress is to get rid of negative thoughts and actions and develop positive ones for these are more powerful. Go for a stress-free life and always remember that you have to let go of how you unpleasantly feel, look forward to what you truly deserve, and keep moving forward. Never ever let stress and fears rule and define you.

Your life now is not what has been in the past-No matter how stressful and chaotic your life has been in the past the future remains fresh, clean, and open and wide slate. You are not your previous habits, past failures, and not the old person that others have treated before. You are what you are at the moment and you are special.

Failure to get what you want is blessing-Some individuals feel stressed and frustrated if they fail to get what they want. This should not be the case because this may sometimes be an amazing stroke of better opportunities. This scenario encourages individuals to reevaluate things and go with the best choices.

Get the “I Will Be Calm” Mentality

Stress can affect individuals in varying ways but they are fortunate enough because there are many things they can do about this. Embracing the “I Will be Calm” mentality is one effective way of coping with stress. There are several ways to calm down instantly when you are overwhelmed and blindsided by stress suddenly. The following are easy and quick ways to regain calmness during stressful situations.

Getting Calm

Taking a Walk- Exercising is an excellent stress reliever for the reasons that this helps in blowing off steam and releasing endorphins. Taking a walk when you are stressed out can provide you with the benefit of both long and short-term exercises. This takes you out of the stressful situations and provides you with a new perspective and frame of mind. Walking with a close relative and friend is also a helpful way to get support. However, walking alone is also good because this gives individuals time to reframe and reevaluate things.

Taking a Deep Breath- As part of embracing calmness mentality, taking a deep breath is essential. Doing breathing exercises when you are trapped in stressful situations can help you feel better. Getting more amount of oxygen in the body and releasing tension are just a few of the many benefits you can get when you do breathing exercises.

Taking Mental Break- If you are given the chance to escape from a busy and stressful world, grab it. This can give you genuine moments of visualizations and peace of mind. Taking a mental break is also an ideal means of relaxing mentally and physically. Get access to a happy place and be ready to enjoy a calm of stress-free life.

Finding Pleasure-When stress bothers you and makes you feel worst, engage in activities that will make you feel good. Find pleasure in simple things to help you get rid of stress. You can plan an art project, find new hobbies, read books and magazines, play a favorite sport, listen to beautiful music, and many more.

Relaxing Muscle- Relaxing your muscle can also be an effective and helpful technique that helps in releasing tension in your muscle groups making your body feel more calm and relaxed afterward. By using the right approach and means of relaxing your muscle, you can completely release all the stress and tension you are feeling.

The Benefits Of Your Stress Resolution

Making resolutions and changes is a good way to achieve an ideal life. These things take lots of effort and determination before you can finally say that you have done your part to the best of your ability and succeed. Stress resolutions create a positive impact and influence in your life and these serve as your greatest weapon to defeat stress and all other negative things affecting your life. The following are the benefits of your stress resolution:

Your stress resolutions become your reflections regarding experiences and thoughts making you more determined and motivated in terms of overcoming stress.

This also summarizes all the things and goals that you wanted to accomplish making it easy for you to deal with them one by one. This also summarizes all the things and goals that you wanted to accomplish making it easy for you to deal with them one by one.

Stress resolutions serve as inspiration and motivation to keep you stay on course with the endeavor you are in. These are positive and excellent tools to reduce stress.

Stress resolutions, if properly followed can yield positive and long-lasting changes in your life. These help individuals stay focus and these create awareness about many issues and aspects of stress management.

Stress might attack you anytime but having stress resolutions seems to be a great shield against the worst effects that stress may bring. Making stress resolutions is therefore highly beneficial for a life well-lived.